Pink Planes Clothing & Apparel or Pink Print Products are custom made and imported from the UK, due to the quality and expense in making these products, Pink Planes does not offer Refunds or Exchanges on Clothing or Apparels. Exchanges and Refunds ARE NOW AVAILABLE FOR ALL SMOKE ACCESSORIES. ALL CBD & HEMP FLOWER PRODUCTS ARE REFUNDABLE WITHIN 7 BUSINESS DAYS OF DELIVERY AND THE SEAL MUST NOT BE BROKEN. Refunds for smoke shop accessories, require a Return and Exchange or Refund request within 14 days of order shipping. All requests after 14 days from shipping date will not be accepted. The Product Refund or Exchange Policy will be listed on item page. The taxes are fees payable by the Customer under Stripe and Paypal Transactions are not refundable. Please be sure to check all size and color options prior to purchase. We want you to look and feel like greatness.
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