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The landscape of weed drinks is growing and evolving rapidly, with tons of new products pouring into cannabis markets around the country. The Ultimate Spirits Challenge, one of the most…
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The landscape of weed drinks is growing and evolving rapidly, with tons of new products pouring into cannabis markets around the country. The Ultimate Spirits Challenge, one of the most acclaimed beverage competitions in the US, saw multiple cannabis drink entries, and some scored quite high next to their alcoholic counterparts.

When rounding up the standouts of the weed drinks available today, there’s a mix of sodas, seltzers, cocktails, tea, and mixers that come in both THC and CBD options.

Here are 10 of the best tasting — and feeling — weed drinks to try in 2022.

Good Feels seltzers

Taking cannabis seltzer to the next level, Good Feels checks all the boxes: attractive glass bottle, tasty flavors, low-dose, fast-acting CBD and THC, plus contemporary company values like fair wages and carbon neutrality.

The flavors come in blood orange, grapefruit, raspberry apple, and black cherry. Each bottle contains 5 milligrams of both THC and CBD, leading to a potentially balanced, chill vibe designed to take effect quickly. Each bottle typically retails for around $7.

Available: Massachusetts

Klaus infused cocktails

Klaus, a canned cannabis cocktail, is crafted for flavor chasers by mixologist Warren Bobrow. The intense flavor of their THC drink is absolutely cocktail-like and ideal to serve over ice, though you can enjoy it straight from the can as well. The tart, tangy, and ginger flavors would likely appeal to those who usually order margaritas or daiquiris. With 10 milligrams of THC in each can, it was fast-acting and provided me with a potent — but not overwhelming — high. Currently available in one flavor, the Mezzrole, with two more flavors coming soon, each $12 can is priced like a craft cocktail.

You can find Klaus cocktails at two Solful locations in Northern California: Santa Rosa and Sebastopol. So if you’re in Sonoma County, be sure to check them out.

Available: Northern California

Cann seltzers

Still one of the best weed drinks available, this trailblazing company is going strong and featuring new seasonal flavors alongside their classic THC drinks. Somewhere between a seltzer and a cocktail, the not-too-sweet varieties like lemon lavender or seasonal ginger lemongrass are easy to love.

The cans come in two sizes: the traditional 8oz with 2 milligrams of THC and 4 milligrams of CBD, and the 12oz Hi Boy with 5 milligrams of THC. Cann is available in 4-packs for around $25.

Available: California, Nevada, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island

Good Stuff infused lemonade mixers

The lemonade concentrates from Good Stuff are as versatile as they are delicious. Bonus points for the dark glass bottle, which keeps well in the fridge for longer shelf life, and the cap doubles as a microdose measurement of 2 milligrams per capful.

These formulations taste good at any concentration, allowing ultimate customization to your needs. Personally, my favorite is the indica strawberry lemonade. I add a few capfuls of it to a liter of water and sip on it for a steady micro-dose alongside my daily hydration. The mix is absolutely delicious, making it equally good as a shot, over ice, or mixed into seltzer as a social drink.

Each bottle costs around $20 and comes with a total of 100 milligrams of fast-acting THC and varying amounts of CBD depending on the flavor.

Available: California

Lagunitas Hi-Fi Sessions

Lagunitas, a beer brand founded in 1993, has always had a close connection to cannabis. And in 2017, the founders made that connection official by partnering with AbsoluteXtracts, a Northern California cannabis brand known for its full-spectrum vape cartridges. Together, Lagunitas and ABX have made one of the most refreshing weed drinks on the market. And don’t just take our word for it. The Hoppy Chill flavor won first place at the 2022 Emerald Cup Awards.

The Hi-Fi Sessions weed drinks are made with water-soluble THC and CBD for a potentially fast-acting high. The flavor is light and citrusy with a background of hops that makes for a unique sipping experience. They come in three doses: a 10mg THC formulation, a balanced 5:5 mg CBD:THC option, and a low-dose 2:2mg CBD:THC variety. All three options have zero calories or carbs. 

Available: California and Colorado

Artet aperitif

Mixing drinks is an extension of cooking and creativity in the kitchen, something that should be available to anyone whether or not they indulge in alcohol. Considering how dreadful non-alcoholic spirits can be, this product is especially impressive, offering a flavorful and balanced mixer that is the perfect stand-in.

The Artet aperitif is herbal with complex and balanced notes. My go-to mixer is a double dose (5 milligrams of THC) of Artet, a small bottle of Q Mediterranean or Cucumber Tonic, and three dashes of Angostura bitters — all poured over two large ice cubes. I like it even better than a traditional gin and tonic. This infused beverage costs around $45 for a 750ml bottle and contains a total of 37.5 milligrams of THC.

Available: California

Keef infused sodas

There are certain meals or occasions that call for a classic cold soda, and it’s a bonus to have a little cannabis mixed into it. The flavors of Keef sodas are classic and nostalgic with subtle notes of cannabis — the orange soda is particularly delicious.

While these may be dangerous for those who drink a lot of soda, they’re still fun to keep around to indulge in once in a while. The recreational version has 10 milligrams of THC and CBD per can for around $5, and the medical versions are available with 50 milligrams or 100 milligrams of THC per can for around $15 each.

Available: Arizona, California, Colorado, Oklahoma, Maine, Missouri, Puerto Rico, Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Saskatchewan

Ceria infused “beers”

This category of “cannabis beer” offers huge potential for growth, bringing a tasty replacement for beer drinkers who aren’t served by the typical infused seltzers, sodas, and cocktails. Beer alternatives are difficult to produce from a flavor perspective. Still, the two flavors from Ceria are solid: Grainwave, a lighter ale with notes of coriander and citrus, and Indiewave, a richer IPA with sweet, malty notes.

Keeping in step with the flavor profiles and how they would typically be offered with lower and higher alcohol levels, the lighter ale has 5 milligrams of THC in each can, and the IPA has 10 milligrams of THC.

The brand new packaging reinforces the contemporary craft brew status of the beverages while paying homage to Ceres, the Roman goddess of grain. These completely alcohol-free brews come in around $8 per can.

Available: California and Colorado

Day One CBD sparkling water

Day One CBD seltzers come in classic flavors with crisp carbonation and clean citrus notes. It offers everything you could want in a cold seltzer, and it’s easy to grab on the go or throw into a cooler alongside regular soda and beer.

Each $3 can contains 20 milligrams of broad-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD extract. For me, the CBD took the edge off of physical and mental pressure and offered chill vibes for social gatherings.

Available: Nationwide

Willie’s Remedy infused tea

Form and function are harmoniously matched in this line of infused teas. Well suited for a morning routine or ritual, the tea won’t over-extract, even if you leave it to steep for a long time. It also makes a nice iced tea for warm weather.

Including a daily cup of Willie’s Remedy also makes it easy to get a regular dose of CBD. The teabags themselves are high quality, made without any dyes or chemicals, and are biodegradable. Each bag contains around 12.5 milligrams of full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD, organically grown. They’re available for $26 for a tin of 16 tea bags.

Available: Nationwide

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